The Down and Dirty on my Homeschooling Career

Today I’m being interviewed by fellow home educator and fellow writer, Loretta Bouillon,  about my 25 years of homeschooling.

Her questions took me on a trip down memory lane complete with a load of emotional baggage. There’s so much I could have said but, I mean, it’s a blog post. Not a 3-volume epic trilogy.

I’d love to know how some of you would have answered these questions…

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2 Responses to The Down and Dirty on my Homeschooling Career

  1. Rempel says:

    Hello Eleanor,
    A trip down memory lane ….. Unit studies, your Konos timeline on the hallway wall greatly influenced my decision to begin homeschooling. What followed were many joys, frustration and turmoil. Yes, my story includes divorce……and many regrets but apparently all those trials were learning opportunities…..strengthening……I should by now have Superwoman powers!
    Keep writing… your insights.


  2. Leila says:

    3.25 kids!!
    Great article. Your success in homeschooling inspired me to want that for my children too.


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