Introducing “Lifelines” and Albertan Novelist Eleanor Bertin

Debbie Hill, a poet, long-time friend and former college classmate from Creative Communications, Red River College, Winnipeg, interviewed me with some incisive questions.

Kites Without Strings

Already he was wishing he hadn’t accepted Anna’s invitation to this last evening gathering of the season. A pod of neighbours was huddled around the crackling blaze by the time he got there. The circle widened affably to receive them and they settled into their lawn chairs, stretching feet to the fire. – Eleanor Bertin*

If you’re closed-minded, too close to the light or the line of fire, or even haunted by JohnMilton’s Paradise Lost, expect to feel uncomfortable but not necessarily in a negative way. Eleanor Bertin’sfirst novel Lifelines (Word Alive Press, 2016)nudges the reader to look inward, to dust off the brain cells, plus think about mortality and his/her purpose on Earth.

eleanor-bertin-photo-by-alyssa-krahn-alyssa-raeanne-photography Eleanor Bertin is a new novelist based in central Alberta. Photo by Alyssa Krahn, Alyssa Raeanne Photography.

On the surface, it’s a home-spun heart-warming yarn threaded with Anna Fawcett’s unflinching morals…

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2 Responses to Introducing “Lifelines” and Albertan Novelist Eleanor Bertin

  1. d78hill says:

    Thank you Eleanor for sharing this post! It was like a mini-reunion, chatting with you again like old times. Your talent continues to shine!


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