I’m Eleanor, a wife to my beloved Monsieur since 1981, a homeschool mom for 25 years to six sons and one daughter, all married except the youngest, and Oma to four (so far).

I love beauty and truth.
Beauty in the form of:

Quilting, meaning I must rip out mistakes.
Flowers, which means I have to dig and weed and sweat.
Interior design, which means I’ve learned more than I ever wanted to about the ugly and boring essentials like footings and sewer pipes while waiting to get to exciting stuff like decorating.

Truth in the form of:

Books, especially God’s Word but also
The many authors over the centuries that God has gifted with wisdom to write.
I also like to write, hopefully wisely.

We live in Alberta’s ranch country on an acreage with 6 5woolies, 2 1 dogs, cats, chickens and a house with which I’ve had a love-hate relationship since 2003.

We are 12 years into a 100-year renovation, doing the work ourselves. Waiting patiently and contentedly for our dreams to materialize is part of the journey I’ll be blogging about.

I’m so happy to have you join me.


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