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Breaking Up with Perfect: A Book Review

Have you noticed the pressure “mommy blogs” and other media have put on young mothers? Co-sleeping, baby-wearing, child-led feeding, enviro-friendly toys and gear, providing a magical childhood — all of it raises an impossible bar for motherhood. The list doesn’t stop … Continue reading

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Guilty As Charged: And other observations regarding New Year’s resolutions.

Many years ago, when I was still young in the faith, Christmas admonitions to “keep Christ in Christmas” made me feel guilty. I’ve always been sharply aware of hypocrisy in my own life as well as in others. So after a … Continue reading

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Contentment Kindergarten

An old pastor in Africa’s poorest country was asked by a visiting missionary, “What is the most problematic sin your people face?” All of this man’s congregation were living in subsistence poverty, so the missionary was surprised by the answer … Continue reading

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How Do You Prepare For Tragedy?

The fax ring awakens me at 4:55 a.m. Nothing transmits, but I get up anyway. Bright, coloured lights flash through our dining room window and the dogs are barking. It’s the police… And so our lives turned a corner, that Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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What Contentment Isn’t, Finale

Contentment is not complacency! Contentment “…is not opposed to all lawful seeking for help in different circumstances,” says Jeremiah Burroughs, “nor to endeavouring simply to be delivered out of present afflictions by the use of lawful means.” In other words, … Continue reading

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 Before I continue with part 3 of “What Contentment Isn’t”, I wanted to clarify. In part 2, I described how contentment doesn’t mean we can’t “moan and complain to God and to our friends” about our difficulties. That way, they … Continue reading

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Just One More Thing…

When I was a girl, I used to dream about being poor. It wasn’t poverty that was appealing. I knew nothing of that. It was the getting out of it — the rags to riches — that drew me.   … Continue reading

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