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Happy Mothers, Day

Yes, the punctuation in my title is intentional. Today is Mother’s Day and once again, I have a choice to be a happy mother, or not. I learned that lesson only too well one Mother’s Day in 1992. I had … Continue reading

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Bruce Jenner and the Elephant Man

If there were ever a cultural icon for discontentment, in the past few months Bruce Jenner has become one. So how could a blog about contentment avoid discussing him? I’d really had no idea who he was, having been without … Continue reading

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On Fixin’ Up ‘n Prettifyin’

The peeling brown paint on the railing of our back deck wasn’t the only problem with it. It was small, unshaded and poorly-built. Its 2 x 8 top rail became a large eye-level obstruction to the view of our backyard … Continue reading

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