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How Do You Prepare For Tragedy?

The fax ring awakens me at 4:55 a.m. Nothing transmits, but I get up anyway. Bright, coloured lights flash through our dining room window and the dogs are barking. It’s the police… And so our lives turned a corner, that Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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On Fixin’ Up ‘n Prettifyin’

The peeling brown paint on the railing of our back deck wasn’t the only problem with it. It was small, unshaded and poorly-built. Its 2 x 8 top rail became a large eye-level obstruction to the view of our backyard … Continue reading

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What Contentment Isn’t, Finale

Contentment is not complacency! Contentment “…is not opposed to all lawful seeking for help in different circumstances,” says Jeremiah Burroughs, “nor to endeavouring simply to be delivered out of present afflictions by the use of lawful means.” In other words, … Continue reading

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What Contentment Isn’t, pt. 2

I’m sure you’ve all seen a poster like this:   Contentment, however, does not mean we can’t “moan and complain to God and to our friends,” Jeremiah Burroughs tells us in his Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment. Surprised? I was. I’ve always … Continue reading

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Fretful and Peevish?

    “Christian contentment is that sweet inward … frame of spirit…”   So says Jeremiah Burroughs in The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment. He explains that being content isn’t just a matter of not verbalizing our dissatisfaction. If it … Continue reading

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