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The Dear Ordinary

Life plods on, even when we’re numb and in shock after the death of a family member. It was the Thanksgiving weekend, 2012, when our son was killed. Not knowing what else to do, Monsieur and I went through the … Continue reading

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On Fixin’ Up ‘n Prettifyin’

The peeling brown paint on the railing of our back deck wasn’t the only problem with it. It was small, unshaded and poorly-built. Its 2 x 8 top rail became a large eye-level obstruction to the view of our backyard … Continue reading

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What Contentment Isn’t, Pt. 1

When you picture contentment, do you see a cat asleep on a cushy bed, ¬†food and warm milk nearby? Or a man in a comfy chair, reading by a cozy fireside? Or a woman lounging on a beach, magazine in … Continue reading

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Of Flour Sacks and Barber Poles

It was inevitable that I would be involved in home renovations. A love of pretty things and creativity in improving what I have is clearly something I inherited from my grandmother.   During the Depression, she didn’t merely use the … Continue reading

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A Rare Jewel… (And I Don’t Mean The House)

“…I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.” (Phil. 4:11) These words of the apostle Paul have been a challenge and an admonition to me over the years. But Jeremiah Burroughs, in his wonderful 1648 book, The … Continue reading

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A Brief History of God’s Provision

It needed a lot of work. Monsieur’s work stresses combined with a shortage of funds since I had quit my job to raise our children at home, meant that progress in transforming it into my House of Dreams was slow. Continue reading

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