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Happy Mothers, Day

Yes, the punctuation in my title is intentional. Today is Mother’s Day and once again, I have a choice to be a happy mother, or not. I learned that lesson only too well one Mother’s Day in 1992. I had … Continue reading

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What Do You Get When You Fall In Love?

Someone interviewed young children about falling in love and getting married. “God has it all planned who you’re going to marry. You just get to find out who you’re stuck with,” a little girl responded. I guess she’d never¬†heard any … Continue reading

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The Medal She Deserves

I’m often asked what gave me the idea for my new novel, Lifelines. My answer inevitably reveals that one of the characters, Anna Fawcett, is largely modelled after my mother. Yes, she really is that wonderful! Some years ago, Chatelaine, … Continue reading

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For such an affectionate, good-natured little boy he can sure get a mad on! http://www.indigopixies.com/ ¬†(not my grandson) My two-year-old grandson’s eyebrows slammed down onto eyes narrowed to mean slits. Face darkened with rage, his usually-smiling mouth tightened. He struggled … Continue reading

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The Mess of Productivity

This was my kitchen table last week. Yeah, I tidied it up a bit for the picture. But it sure was messy. I’m working on Christmas gifts and a quilting project using my dad’s old ties. There are interview notes … Continue reading

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Renovations: The House, The Heart, The Blog

I’ve come to see that labels and categorization are great on your spice shelf, and not so helpful to define life. Continue reading

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Final Day of Court, Pt. 2

Just before court was to convene June 5, the Crown prosecutor had asked us to meet with him. Something had come up two weeks prior through a private investigator and he didn’t want the possible appearance of it in court … Continue reading

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