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The Judge’s Sentence

Much mumbo jumbo followed our victim impact statements as the prosecution and defense discussed the few case precendents set in Canada for the relatively new law regarding “failure to give assistance”. When the defense lawyer rose to make his case, … Continue reading

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My Victim Impact Statement

I was very nervous about reading my statement in court. We’d been offered the option of reading our statements ourselves, having them┬áread to the court or not read by anyone but the judge, the prosecutor, the defence counsel and the … Continue reading

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Victim Impact

The last time I saw my son, Paul, alive was three years ago today. We were celebrating my husband’s birthday at Tony Roma’s. On Monday, Court of Queen’s Bench began with our victim impact statements in the sentencing of the … Continue reading

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Arguing with the Ump

A funny thing happened on the way to the sentencing of the young man responsible for our son’s death… The day before the July 22 court date, Monsieur receives a call from the Crown prosecutor. We needn’t show up for … Continue reading

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Final Day of Court, Pt. 2

Just before court was to convene June 5, the Crown prosecutor had asked us to meet with him. Something had come up two weeks prior through a private investigator and he didn’t want the possible appearance of it in court … Continue reading

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Final Day(s) of Court, Pt. 1

“I don’t want to go,” I told my husband when he got up early that third morning, January 15, scheduled for court. But go we did. It was the raw emotion of it that I’d had more than enough of … Continue reading

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Second Day of Trial

The second morning of court, January 15, we were apprehensive about the upcoming Medical Examiner’s report, knowing it would detail and explain what Paul’s injuries were. But that wasn’t first on the agenda. And it wasn’t worst. First came the … Continue reading

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