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For such an affectionate, good-natured little boy he can sure get a mad on! http://www.indigopixies.com/  (not my grandson) My two-year-old grandson’s eyebrows slammed down onto eyes narrowed to mean slits. Face darkened with rage, his usually-smiling mouth tightened. He struggled … Continue reading

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Does God Want Us To Be Poor, Pt. 2

God may want me to be poor at certain seasons and for specific reasons. But in Part 1 I said there were two answers to the question, does God want us to be poor? The second was No. If poor means laziness, selfishness, addictions, … Continue reading

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I asked the question, Does God Want Us To Be Poor, when we were a young couple, house-poor and struggling to make ends meet. When every unforeseen bill threatened to drown us. When every car or appliance breakdown was a catastrophe. And I’ll confess … Continue reading

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Contentment Kindergarten

An old pastor in Africa’s poorest country was asked by a visiting missionary, “What is the most problematic sin your people face?” All of this man’s congregation were living in subsistence poverty, so the missionary was surprised by the answer … Continue reading

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Fretful and Peevish?

    “Christian contentment is that sweet inward … frame of spirit…”   So says Jeremiah Burroughs in The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment. He explains that being content isn’t just a matter of not verbalizing our dissatisfaction. If it … Continue reading

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