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For such an affectionate, good-natured little boy he can sure get a mad on! http://www.indigopixies.com/  (not my grandson) My two-year-old grandson’s eyebrows slammed down onto eyes narrowed to mean slits. Face darkened with rage, his usually-smiling mouth tightened. He struggled … Continue reading

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Life in the Before

We’ve chuckled at times, Monsieur and I, pondering what our town friends might think of our current living conditions. With the desire to be mortgage-free, we’re living in the “Before”. HGTV and shelter magazines and blogs make the renovation process sound … Continue reading

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What if Nothing Ever Changes?

“You don’t know what I’ve been through!” It’s the plaintive cry of many of us when we’re told to be content. As if there were a special category of troubles that exempts a sufferer from contentment. But the apostle Paul … Continue reading

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The Dear Ordinary

Life plods on, even when we’re numb and in shock after the death of a family member. It was the Thanksgiving weekend, 2012, when our son was killed. Not knowing what else to do, Monsieur and I went through the … Continue reading

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I’m not sensing it…

Monsieur said to me, one fine summer day a few weeks ago, “Go into our bedroom and tell me what you notice.” So I went, somewhat excited at the possibility he may have made some progress on our renovation… Read … Continue reading

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What Contentment Isn’t, Pt. 1

When you picture contentment, do you see a cat asleep on a cushy bed,  food and warm milk nearby? Or a man in a comfy chair, reading by a cozy fireside? Or a woman lounging on a beach, magazine in … Continue reading

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